Clothes Cleansing Element
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate(SLS) and Fluorescent brightener. Wash easily. Not only save water, but also save electricity while doing laundry.
  • Wash effectively. Remove the dirt and grease oil fast.
  • Clothes will be soft and fluffy naturally. The fibers will not be damaged and all clothes will be drier and fresher after wash. Refreshing like under the sun.
  • Not easy to breed bacteria and deodorize after soaking which wash the towel and cloth, prolonged the service life.
  • Protect your skin and prevent to be infected by petrochemical residual.
  • Pregnant, infectious skin diseases, sensitive skin diseases and atopic dermatitis are applicable.
  • No need to add any petrochemical products such as, softener, bleach, etc. which contains cleaning ingredients know as surfactants.


  • Washing machine: add 20 liter of water with 20g cleansing element and stir evenly. Pre-soaking for one hour will increase effectiveness.
  • Hand wash: add around 5g cleansing element with 5 liter of water into the basin, stir evenly, and soak for over 30 mins. Wash and rinse thoroughly after soak.
  • If clothes will fade, wash them separately. Please read the care label and follow instructions thoroughly before washing.
  • For tough stains, apply the cleansing element with water directly to the stain, then soak for 30 mins. Wash and rinse off thoroughly.
  • Bedding wash: Soak, wash and dry under the sun.
  • Curtains wash: After washing and dehydrating, hand up the damp curtains in the window and allow them to dry while hanging.
  • Towel and dishcloth wash: presoak before washing every 4-5 days.
  • When cleaning underwear, it may cause short-term odor due to the decomposition of body odor, sweat and other residues. The decomposition speed is very fast and it will be refreshed after washing.

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Clothes Cleansing Element Ingredients

Sodium Carbonate
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
Mineral Salts
Sea Water Extract
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