Environmental Cleansing Liquid 100g

It is non-toxic and residual free. Keep the environment healthy, sanitary, dry and bright.

Floor: no need to rinse off with water after clean, odorless, bright and refreshing. Keep molds, ants, fleas and cockroaches away.
Safe to use around your family, children and pets.
Frequently use in environments where moisture is prone to mold, insects, oil, and heavy dust.


Floor cleansing: Spray it on the floor directly, dry it with the dry or wet cloth, or tissue.
Environment cleansing: Spray it directly. Wipe it dry with the dry or wet cloth. There is no need to clean it with the clean water again.
Any office equipment: Spray it on the tissue to wipe something that is not convenient to be washed, just like computer, keyboard, telephone.
Adjust the amount of environmental cleaning gel according to the degree of dirtiness in the cleaning items, select proper tools that do not damage the material of the item.
After opening the bottle, there will be white crystals at the spout. This is a natural mineral crystal after evaporation of water.


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Environmental Cleansing Liquid 100g Ingredients

Sodium Carbonate
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
Mineral Salts
Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil
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