How does the Reines Energy Cleaning Series help us realize a healthy and environmentally friendly life?

The formulas of products have obtained test certificates from many countries and the benefits include:

(I) Safety, health, non-toxic and pollution-free standards.

(II) Maintain hygienic conditions for the human body and home environment:

A. Acidophilic and anaerobic pathogens do not easily reproduce by division in the product environment. They can inhibit E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Legionella pneumophila, Candida albicans and other microorganisms and species harmful to the environment and the human body.

B. Aerobic and basophilic microbial species are good for human health.

(III) Highly effectively in cleaning: Reines Energy products use the special decomposition effects of ionic alkaline and natural minerals to achieve effective cleaning.

① Ionic minerals (substances smaller than nanometers in size) can instantly dissolve the ionic bonds and covalent bonds of dirt or grease to achieve purification and reduction.

② The particle wave energy release by ionic minerals can instantly shake away dirt and grease stuck on the objects.

③ The use of negative oxidation (alkaline) can also absorb dirt and grease in positive oxidation (acid) at any time. The above three functions can work simultaneously to achieve effective cleaning effects. Maintain the hygienic conditions of the human body, home environment and the public health will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

(IV) Eliminate pollution and purify the environment: Reines Energy products meet the environmental standards of zero pollution. The biggest contribution is that after completing the cleaning and providing hygienic benefits, the water discharged can continue to purify and reduce polluted water pipes, ditches, rivers and lakes.


Why must we move away from petrochemical (plasticizing) cleaners?

The research reports and statistics from medical and scientific professionals around the world have proven that:

(I) The Earth's ecology is seriously being polluted and rapidly deteriorating, which directly affects the Earth's sustainability.

(II) Ecological destruction → Has caused a large number of species to become extinct.

(III) Poor environmental hygiene conditions have led to the spread of a large number of bacteria and viruses. Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases are roaming the Earth.

(IV) Living conditions for future generations → Have faced severe air, water and soil pollution. The main source of pollution for the conditions mentioned above is domestic wastewater. Therefore, we must completely eliminate the toxins from petrochemical cleaners in our domestic wastewater.


What's wrong with petrochemical synthetic cleaners?

A variety of highly polluting and toxic petrochemical synthetic substances are added to cleaners to achieve the cleaning effect. The chain reactions during and after the use include:

(I) Biological harm:
(1) Human body: The strong penetration effect of surfactants can immediately enter the blood through skin absorption and pores during the cleaning process, leading to various chronic blood diseases. Medical reports in the US have indicated that cleaning products can enter the liver and kidney in 26 seconds.
(2) Causes various skin lesions.
(3) Cancerous cells.
(4) Genetic abnormalities.

(II) Ecological pollution: Household:
(1) Wastes a lot of water and electricity during the cleaning process.
(2) Water stench and poisons aquatic life.
(3) Culture viruses and germs multiply. Disappearance of beneficial bacteria leads to ecological imbalance.
(4) River pollution → Air pollution → Acid rain (microplastic rain) → Soil pollution → Drought and waterlogging → Wildfire → Greenhouse effect → Global warming → Extreme anomalies → Continuous vicious cycle Ecological disaster and nature fights back.


Why use Reines Energy Cleaning Series?

Key indices of Reines Energy:
(1) Reach the non-toxic and pollution-free standards at the beginning of the cleaning process.

(2) After the powerful cleaning effects, the discharged water can purify the generated wastewater. The society does not need to spend a lot of money on sewage treatment or worry that the treatment is ineffective.

(3) Save at least 2/3 on water and electricity consumption.

(4) Does not contain any organic solvents and will not generate gases that cause global warming (Regular petrochemical cleaners contain organic solvents, which can generate carbon emission more serious than carbon dioxide.)

(5) Beneficial to everyone's health. We strongly urge everyone to start with yourself and your family to save the Earth's sustainability. 


How are Reines Energy products different from enzyme, soap, soy flour and other natural cleaners?

(1) Reines Energy products resolve not just natural and organic cleaning.

(2) They must take care of the problems with environmental pollution, stench, bacterial growth and others caused by chemical cleaners one by one.

(3) At the same time, they must meet human beings' needs for difficult and complicated cleaning issues.


What to do if adults or children take in Reines Energy products by accident?

Non-toxic and harmless, but they just do not taste good. They are not delicious drink after all. Drink some water to get rid of the taste.


Can Reines Energy products be mixed together?

There is no issue with the safety. However, they have their own special formulas for different purposes, and the differences are even bigger with those used on the human skin!


What do we do if Reines Energy products get into our eyes and ears during the cleaning?

Reines Energy Cleaning Series is safe and non-toxic. The products are not harmful to the eyes, and they can be wiped away with paper. For ears, use cotton swabs to wipe away the cleaning solution.


Reines Energy products are great. Are they expensive?

(1) In terms of the unit price, they seem to be slightly more expensive than regular products, and the prices are in the upper middle tier.

(2) The quality from high-concentration and the effective cleaning relatively reduce the amount used, so they are overall cheaper to use.

(3) From the perspective of safety, health, environmental protection and ecological sustainability, the overall cost is beneficial.


Can my hands or skin infected with fungi and molds touch any Reines Energy cleaning products?

Reines Energy Cleaning Series products do not contain any synthetic petrochemical ingredients. They are naturally non-toxic and antibacterial and can protect the skin and maintain a healthy environment, so they can be used with peace of mind. After using it for a while, you will find that you have restored fine skin on your hands.


Reines Energy products do not generate bubbles and I am just not used to them.

Commercially available products contain surfactant foaming agents which can make bad chemical ingredients stick to our skin and penetrate our body through skin pores. Reines Energy's full line of products are made of natural minerals, without chemical foaming agents or additives, so they do not produce bubbles easily. For body cleansing products such as shower gel, you can wet a sponge or shower puff and rub in Reines Energy products to make some natural air bubbles.


Why does my skin feel dry after using the products for a long time?

Our skin has been damaged by the long-term penetration and residue accumulation of petrochemical cleaners, and the use of Reines Energy will naturally replace the damaged skin. The production of healthy skin can feel itchy and the feeling of dryness comes from skin peeling.

Remedy: Apply a bit of natural skincare oil. Petrochemical cleaners can make the symptoms more severe, as many petrochemical ingredients are added to achieve the purpose of cleaning. In addition to the damage from transdermal toxicity, some acidophilic and anaerobic species may accelerate their growth to affect the skin health and cause various skin lesions.


Why does my skin itch sometimes?

Reines Energy can thoroughly clean away and eliminate toxins and replace damaged skin. At the beginning, you may experience improvement reactions, such as skin itching, peeling and developing acnes and others, and every individual has a different detoxification time. After this initial period, Reines Energy will give you a healthy and clean skin.


Reines Energy products are alkaline. Will they not affect my skin?

Reines Energy uses alkaline and natural minerals from seawater ions, such as alkaline hot spring water, commercially available bottled alkaline mineral water (deep ocean water pH9.8) and other alkaline drinking water, and they are all healthy mineral water which will not cause harm to the human body.


Why are there white powders on the bottle openings of products?

Due to the design of general container pumps, there are always some residues that may continue to drip. The general cleaners are transparent and have viscosity, which can make bottles sticky. Reines Energy does not add stabilizers, emulsifiers or viscous ingredients. After bottles are opened, there may be white powdery crystals by the pump nozzles. They are natural mineral crystals after water evaporates and are considered a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that users press the pump nozzles all the way down when using the products. The white crystals by the nozzles can be reduced by adding water, and the cleaning effect will remain. You can also place a piece of cleaning cloth under the bottles, and they can be used for cleaning repeatedly.


In general, other milky or liquid cleaners tend to contain germicides and preservatives to be preserved. Do Reines Energy products have those added ingredients?

The main ingredients of our products are natural minerals rather than organic matters, and we have passed bacteriostatic tests in many countries. Acidophilic and anaerobic species harmful to human health cannot survive in our products, so no bactericides or preservatives are required.


If Reines Energy products contain no foaming agents, why are there some foams during its use?

Petrochemical cleaning products commonly used in households contain petrochemical surfactants, also known as foaming agents, but none of Reines Energy's products contain foaming agents. Why are there bubbles sometimes?

(1) If you add in water first before adding our products, you will hardly see any foam.

(2) If you use our products first before adding water, the impact from water rinse and the access of air will naturally generate some bubbles. For example, frothing milk for coffee or beating egg whites can also generate bubbles, which are a natural phenomenon, and there is nothing to worry about.


Why aren't the containers of Reines Energy products filled up? Are they filled up to the volume indicated on the package?

Reines Energy products require space to release energy due to the nature of products, and our products are labeled in the unit of grams. The weight of products absolutely meets the requirements.


Why do Reines Energy products become a bit milky and viscous in winter?

The products do not contain stabilizers, so they can change with the three states of water. They are completely transparent in summer. Once the temperature drops below 15°C, they start to appear misty. If the temperature drops to about 13°C, the bottles will look milky white. The changes are beautiful and natural.


Are the essentials oils contained in the products natural? Is the fragrance strong?

Reines Energy products have different natural essential oils from plants added in for different purposes. The emphasis is on extracting the nutrients from essential oils, so they only have a hint of natural fragrance and do not have the strong fragrance or toxins which come with chemical essences.


Can pregnant women use Reines Energy products?

Pregnant women should really consider using our products which are natural, safe and non-toxic. Toxins from synthetic petrochemical cleaners can enter our body cells after being absorbed by the skin pores, and 90% of the toxins can remain in the body. Japan's years of research and books on transdermal toxicity have mentioned how babies can absorb petrochemical toxins through the umbilical cords if pregnant women use synthetic petrochemical cleaners. The American Red Cross randomly tested newborns' umbilical cord blood and detected a variety of chemicals that might cause neo-natal carcinogenesis or harm the brain and nervous system. Pregnant women should completely reject the use of synthetic petrochemical cleaners (plasticizing cleaners).


My third-grade child has developed mild atopic dermatitis, should I try an adult’s or children’s shower gel?

Since the child is in the third grade, it is recommended to use the vital care shower gel for family care.


How can Reines Energy products inhibit bacteria? Do they contain alcohol or fungicide ingredients?

Reines Energy products do not contain alcohol or fungicide. They use ionized and negative oxidation (alkaline) minerals from nature, so the products tend to have the following characteristics:

①Sufficient oxygen under the conditions of ionization.

②Negative oxidation minerals present an alkaline environment (definitely safe and natural, not chemical alkali).

③The alkaline environment with sufficient oxygen can inhibit the survival, division and reproduction of acidophilic and anaerobic harmful species.

④Help the survival of beneficial bacteria. The bacteriostatic tests conducted in many countries have proven that the products can effectively inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria.


Can cancer patients use Reines Energy products for skin cleaning?

Cancer patients absolutely need to use our natural and non-toxic Reines Energy Cleaning Series. Reines Energy products' oxygen and alkaline environment can inhibit the growth of bacteria and cancer cells. Cancer specialists will specifically instruct patents not to continue using chemical cleaners, as the transdermal toxicity of petrochemical cleaners can cause blood acidification and hypoxia, which facilitate the accelerated growth of cancer cells.


If the cleaning performance of Reines Energy is so great, will it wash away the oil protecting our skin, resulting in dry skin?

The oil on the skin surface is the oil secretion covering pores after metabolism. The skin pores are all over the body and are the largest respiratory organs. They need to be cleaned to make the breathing smoother. The human body will then be able to continue the function of oil secretion, keeping the skin moisturized.


Can they be used on sensitive skin?

The products in the series are safe and non-toxic and can be used on all skin types. People with sensitive, abnormal or infectious skin types will greatly appreciate the use of these products.


Why would physicians recommend those with skin issues to avoid using soap or shower gel?

As natural as they are, soap still contain caustic soda, glycerin and emulsifier. The commercially available shower gel, facial cleanser, shampoo, conditioner and hand-wash still have a high proportion of petrochemical harmful ingredients. Physicians are concerned about the issues with transdermal toxicity, infection and irritation to the skin, so they usually warn those with allergic, atopic or seborrheic dermatitis, acnes, pimples or bacterial folliculitis, eczema, diaper rash, shingles (snakes) or other toxin problems, psoriasis, ringworm, athlete's foot or other fungal infections and burns, pressure sores (bed sores) and other wound problems not to shower or bath using soap or petrochemical cleaners. It is recommended to use Reines Energy shower gel frequently as it can improve skin conditions. Reines Energy products are natural, safe and non-toxic and contain minerals extracted from the ocean. They have been put through various laboratory and skin tests in many countries. There are no chemically synthesized surfactants, making the products safe to use with confidence.


Can Reines Energy shower gel be used on various types of skin problems?

The Reines Energy [Skin Hygiene Series] is natural and non-toxic. The formulas used contain the [physical properties of living minerals] and can release resonant wave energy to break down dirt, odors and harmful substances blocking skin pores and hair. The products can clean and descale and conduct sanitary tasks in one application. They can be used on all skin types and are especially helpful for problem skin.


Why do I get dry skin after using the shower gel in winter?

The weather gets dry in winter and all cleaners tend to make you feel dry after use in winter. If your skin is dry and it is fall or winter, you can try to reduce the amount used. Or you can use lotion with natural ingredients or pure vegetable oil to enhance the moisturization and you will feel more comfortable.


How much shower gel (large bottle) do I pump every time I take a shower?

The amount you receive from two pumps should be sufficient. As our products do not contain toxic foaming agents, it is recommended that you wet the shower puff first, pump the bottle twice to put the gel on the puff and rub them together to generate some foams before using the puff to scrub your body. Adjust the amount you use according to your conditions of the day, such as sweating, sports and exercises and dirtiness.


Can Reines Energy shower gel be used for bathing?

Yes. First, put an appropriate amount of water and then pour 50g of shower gel (depending on the size of bathtub) into the bathtub. Keep the water temperature between 37°C and 40°C. Soak your body in the bathtub for 15 minutes before wiping your body dry. You will not need to rinse your body with clean water. Those who are tired and have a cold or skin issues will find bathing frequently helpful. Just like going to a hot spring, bathing in our shower gel can relieve stress and make you comfortable.


Why does the water look dirty when I take a bath with your products for the first time?

The dirt clogging the skin pores is completely decomposed when you take a bath with our products for the first time. A layer of grease may appear on the water surface, which is considered a normal phenomenon. After swimming in a public pool, you should also try taking a bath at home as it can remove the chlorine deposited in the skin pores or other potential sources of infection from your body.


How do I use Reines Energy shower gel in a bath? What special effects are there?

Just like in a hot spring, the water temperature should not be too high, and you should keep the bathing time for only about 5 to 10 minutes. A large bathtub will require about 60g to 80g of the shower gel. Those who are particularly tired or suffer from a cold or abnormal skin conditions will find bathing very helpful.


I smell an odor when I use Reines Energy shower gel. Is that normal?

The Reines Energy Body and Skin Series can decompose body excretion and harmful substances remaining in the skin pores with its unique characteristics. During the cleaning process, there may be a smell of ammonia from the decomposition of dirt and sweat from your body, but it goes away after a few seconds, and you feel refreshed after the shower. It does not have the strong fragrance like chemical fragrant cleaners. You will realize how you can refuse to be harmed by chemical fragrances.


Can wounds on my body come into contact with Reines Energy shower gel?

Yes, but you may have a tingling sensation in the wounds or the infection area for a short period of time. It is considered normal, and you can still use the products with peace of mind.


What are the benefits of Reines Energy Shampoo?

The most common ones are, improving the unusual hair loss, reducing dandruff and no longer feeling itchy from folliculitis. Long-term application can thoroughly protect the scalp, hair follicles and hair texture. Reines Energy can break down the dirt and harmful substances clogging the skin pores and scales. It cleans, de-scales and protects the scalp in one application. For those who suffer from rashes, folliculitis and ulcers, the skin may experience a slight tingling sensation. It is considered normal. You will feel comfortable all day after wash, and you will have smooth hair texture and a healthy scalp.


How long do I need to use Reines Energy Vital Shampoo to improve my scalp conditions?

The health of your hair follicles can directly affect hair texture, so we should take care of the scalp first. A healthy scalp will naturally make your hair healthy and beautiful. Improper use of shampoo, hair dye, perming and drying with high temperatures can damage hair ends, causing split ends, hair breakage or hair loss. It is important to choose product carefully for health benefits. The effects of residues from harmful substances may vary from person to person. [The key is to wash the scalp.] After about ten applications of the product, you will feel a significant difference. If you continue using the product, you will restore the scalp health. After that, your hair will naturally have a robust regeneration ability.


The commercially available shampoos can make the hair feel extremely soft and smooth after use. Are they harmful?

The commercially available synthetic shampoos are plasticizers and contain chemicals, such as dimethicone and thickener, to fill the gaps between the keratin scales of broken hair to make the hair feel soft and smooth. However, they are insoluble in water, and the dimethicone covering the hair cannot be thoroughly washed away. After long-term application of those products, you will feel your hair has become thick and dull. They may also clog the hair follicles, causing itchy scalp, folliculitis, hair loss or even transdermal toxicity.


How do other commercially available shampoos affect the human body and scalp?

They generally contain surfactants, which can cause clogging of hair follicles and blocking keratin scales of hair, further damaging the scalp and hair texture as the scalp and hair pores fail to breathe. The conditions may get worse if you use the conditioners that contain dimethicone. The dimethicone may have filled the damaged surface to make the hair appear smooth and soft, but this is a temporary effect. The problem is that the hair follicles and keratin scales of hair are clogged, leading to the non-delivery of nutrients, and the scalp and hair cannot breathe normally and undergo the detoxification. The vicious cycles prevent the scalp and hair from recovering their health. The hair dirt build-up from improper cleaning can clog the hair roots, easily causing itchy scalp, dandruff, folliculitis and other scalp issues. These will lead to major hair loss and thinning and dry and dull hair. Toxins from petrochemicals can penetrate the skin, causing harm to the body health.


Are there different applications for oily and dry hair?

The applications are the same for both the oily and dry hair types. You may want to reduce the amount for dry hair at the beginning when you first start using the product. For oily hair, you can add a bit more. Check the improvement of your scalp conditions after some time and adjust the amount used accordingly.


How much shampoo should I use for short and long hair?

One press of pump nozzle for short hair and press the pump nozzle twice for long hair. You can also adjust the amount based on the hair styling products used, scalp greasiness and how much you sweat for the day. Apply the shampoo into the palm of your hand and rub hands together. Apply the shampoo on your palms to your hair and add water to start rubbing your scalp and hair. You can immediately bring out the dirt and chemical residues around the pores. After thoroughly massaging your scalp, clean your hair with water. As the product does not have foams, you know it has completed the cleaning once the hair feels slippery. Excessive use can lead to dry hair.


Does Reines Energy shampoo really clean?

The product can deeply clean the scalp and hair, and you feel extremely refreshing after the deep cleaning.


Can Reines Energy shampoo effectively treat dandruff issue?

It does not just treat the issue. Continuous use of shampoo can make dandruff disappear.


Why do I feel that I get more dandruff and hair loss for a while after using the shampoo. Is that normal?

Dandruff, folliculitis and hair loss are often caused by chemical residues damaging the cell tissues on scalp and causing bacterial infections and parasites. Once the bacteria disappear, their old habitat (the damaged scalp surface) naturally metabolizes and detaches, and some unstable hair roots will also detach. The replacements for scalp cells and hair follicles will be very healthy. Reines Energy contains rich negative oxidation (alkaline) ionic minerals, which can reinforce the attraction of positive oxidation (acidic) toxins in the body, so some abnormal reactions may occur at the beginning. However, the conditions will return to normal rather quickly, so you do not have to worry. Take care of your scalp and hair follicle issues at the same time and restore the health of your hair.


Why does my hair feel astringent after using the shampoo?

Dyeing, perming and blowing hair at high temperature for styling may damage the keratin scales and split or damage the hair. Your hair feels astringent after washing because:

(1) Reines Energy offers deep cleaning. In addition to cleaning dirt off the hair, it can thoroughly wash away the chemicals clogging the broken keratin scales. The gaps of keratin scales splits may intertwine after washing, and the hair may naturally feel astringent.

(2) Some users probably apply too much shampoo as there are not too many foams, and the excessive cleaning may make the hair feel astringent too.


If my hair feels astringent and gets difficult to comb after using Reines Energy shampoo, should I use other commercially available conditioners?

You should not go back to using the other conditioners in the market. The chemical ingredients in those conditioners may cause more damage to the hair, and they can be absorbed by the body, causing harm to our body. Some people may need some time to get used to their hair conditions after using Reines Energy shampoo. After the adjustment period, the scalp and hair will become healthy. The hair will get naturally fluffy after drying. If you feel it to be too dry, you can apply a small amount of natural lotion, cold-pressed virgin olive oil, pure sheep oil or pure coconut oil to your hair to solve the dryness issue. Do not apply any petrochemical products again as it may lead to another vicious cycle getting bad results.


Why do I get no bubbles the first time and yet some foams the second time using the shampoo?

When it is used for the first time, it thoroughly cleans the dirt clogging the pores on scalp and the keratin scales, so you do not see as many bubbles. The smell is a bit stronger. You just need to remove the dirt and grease on the scalp. When it is used for the second time, you can rub some foams on your hair to do a detailed cleaning of your scalp and hair.


Is it normal to feel a slight tingling sensation on my scalp when I use Reines Energy shampoo for the first time?

The tingling sensation indicates that you may have a bacterial infection or a wound on the scalp. It is considered normal, and you can use the product with peace of mind. After using the product several times, your scalp wound heals and the tingling sensation will disappear, and your scalp’s health is recovered.


Can those with an itchy scalp wash their hair twice a day with Reines Energy shampoo?

It is not necessary. You just need to use it once a day. Try to massage the scalp harder when you wash your hair to thoroughly remove the dirt in the hair follicles, pores and keratin scales. You can also apply a bit of Reines Energy shampoo on the itchy part of scalp, and you do not need to wash it off.


If I just dyed my hair, will I lose the color by washing my hair with Reines Energy shampoo?

If you are doing the first wash, do not leave the shampoo on your hair for an extended period of time, and you just need to wash it once. It will not cause color loss. Reines Energy shampoo cleans only the chemicals remaining on the keratin scales, hair follicles and pores after dyeing and perming to prevent the chemical agents from entering the body and harming your health.


Why does my face feel slippery after I wash it with the face wash?

The face wash contains precious trace minerals and other nourishing ingredients, such as rose, jasmine, aloe and natural plant extract essential oils, to exfoliate, tighten skin pores and moisturize the skin, leaving your skin natural, firm and hydrated after use.


Why does my face feel a bit dry after using Reines Energy face wash?

Likely reasons:

(1) Habits: The commonly used face washes contain various kinds of emulsifiers, viscous agents and others. Our products do not have these chemical ingredients, so you feel the difference after washing.

(2) Deep cleaning.

(3) Weather: Especially in winter, the northern and inland areas tend to get drier, and your face can feel dry after cleaning. If you feel that your face gets too dry, you can apply a small amount of natural lotion or oils to keep it moisturized.


Can I wash my face with Reines Energy face wash more than three times a day?

You can, but it is not necessary. Its cleaning effect is good, and you do not need to use too much per application. It depends on the conditions of your face.


If there is a wound on the face, will the use of Reines Energy face wash cause irritation?

It will not. It is especially suitable for sensitive or abnormal skin conditions. The natural ingredients, trace elements and natural essential oils provide nourishment and bacteriostatic performance to keep the skin healthy and speed up the recovery of wound. You may feel a quick tingling sensation at first. It does not hurt your skin and can be used with peace of mind.


Should I wash my face with warm water in combination with Reines Energy face wash? Or cold water?

Cleaning with warm water in combination with Reines Energy products can offer cleaning performance better than that of cold water.


Can Reines Energy face wash be used directly for makeup removal?

Reines Energy face wash can serve as a makeup remover when cleaning your face, and it can also exfoliate. The ionic natural minerals of Reines Energy can deeply clean the skin pores clogged with dirt, dirt accumulated on the face and residues from metabolism. For makeup removal: For heavy makeup, such as lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, the strong adhesion requires extra cleaning. It is recommended that after the initial cleaning, apply the face wash one more time and reinforce the local cleaning by rubbing the parts with heavy makeup. You will no longer need to use an oily cleansing oil, as it may cause deeper skin damage from cosmetics.


Is the face wash suitable for oily and acne-prone skin?

The physical properties of living minerals in the formulas of Reines Energy can release resonant wave energy to break down the dirt clogged in the pores, and they offer bacteriostatic performance. The face wash is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin and can be helpful for a variety of problem skin.

※ For cystic acne, you can leave a small amount of face wash on the affected spots before sleep after thoroughly cleaning your face. You do not have to wash it off. It leaves white spots after drying, which is considered normal. Allow the acne scabs to naturally come off, and health of your facial skin is restored.


Can Reines Energy food, vegetable and fruit cleaner wash pesticides from food? How?

The physical properties of living minerals in the formulas of Reines Energy can release resonant wave energy to break down harmful chemicals, dust, dirt, insect eggs, spider silk, snail slime, cell decomposition and harmful bacteria. Besides washing, it can retain freshness.


Can the food, vegetable and fruit cleaner be used to wash all kinds of ingredients?

Yes. All vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, seafood, dry food, rice and medicinal materials should be washed. Pesticides, bacteria, insect eggs, dust, decomposed cells and bacteria should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure a safe and healthy diet, so you will be able to cook with peace of mind.


How much food and vegetable cleaner should I use in general?

Place all kinds of ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits and grains, into a container filled with water. Pump 1 to 2 servings into the container for a thorough cleaning. Meat and seafood will require 3 to 4 servings of the cleaner, and it is recommended to rinse the food twice.


Why can't the vegetable and fruit cleaner turn yellowish when washing other vegetables and fruits just like it does to tomatoes?

Due to the wide variety of pesticides, the wastewater of Reines Energy vegetable and fruit cleaner may appear cloudy or contain colors. For example, washing grapes will not produce purple water. The water can become very cloudy but is not in the color of the vegetables and fruits being washed. Drain and rinse the vegetables and fruits, and they will look clean and bright green.


Why should I wash fruits, rice, meat and seafood with Reines Energy?

Fresh meat products and seafood brought from the market may begin to oxidize and decompose once the surface comes into contact with the air, which causes cell necrosis and breeds bacteria. The past experience has shown that blood and water bubbles can appear when the meat is blanched, and there is a stinky odor. This is a phenomenon caused by the decomposed cells. The phenomenon disappears once the meat is cleaned with our product. Even the organically grown and pesticide-free rice may have an appropriate amount of insect repellent added in for the purposes of preserving freshness, storage, logistics, preventing the hatching of insect eggs and maintaining the appearance. Vegetables and fruit may also have dust, spider silk, snail slime, bacteria, insect eggs and dirt sticking to the surface. They may lead to health problems if consumed, so Sea Energy cleaner for food, vegetable and fruit should be used for thorough cleaning.


Can dry goods and Chinese herbal medicine be washed with Reines Energy food cleaner?

The dry goods or Chinese herbal medicine in the market usually have smoked sulfur or preservatives added in for preservation. In order to remove pesticide and preservative residues on wood ear, snow fungus, dry goods and herbal medicine, they should be thoroughly cleaned with Reines Energy food cleaner before cooking. Washing wood ear and ginkgo will bring out the sulfur used for the antiseptic purpose.


What are the benefits of washing vegetables and fruits with Reines Energy?

About 80% of pesticides in use are oil-based, and they cannot be thoroughly cleaned with water. Take cauliflower, tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits that tend to have high levels of pesticides as an example. Soaking and washing them with Reines Energy food cleaner for just about a minute will immediately remove the pesticides from the surface. They do not have to be washed with running water, which can save water and keep the consumption of food healthy.


Will the food have an aftertaste after being washed with Reines Energy food cleaner?

No. Soak and wash the food once in the food cleaner solution before rinsing them. They become clean, crisp and green. They will not have any aftertaste from the cleaner and are safe to eat.


It works well enough to wash vegetables and fruits with clean water or salt water, right? Why should I use Reines Energy food cleaner?

(1) Water is a solvent and can be used for washing. The dirt in the 21st century is far tougher to deal with than in the 20th century. The oil content is also high, and clean water does not offer sufficient performance for thorough cleaning.

(2) Salt is healthy. However, the specific gravity of salt water is greater, which can have a reverse osmosis effect to allow more harmful ingredients infiltrate into the food.

(3) The surfactant of petrochemical synthetic cleaners can reduce the surface tension of substances and produce an infiltration effect (same with washing with salt water).


Can I use the wastewater from washing food with Reines Energy cleaner to wash other vegetables and fruits?

No. The wastewater from washing food with Reines Energy food cleaner contains the broken-down pesticides, antiseptics, antibacterials and others and shall not be re-used to wash other vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to dispose the wastewater. Allow the wastewater to enter drains, rivers and lakes to break down the odor of amines, and it will not be a waste.


People nowadays like to consume vegetable and fruit juice. Should the vegetables and fruits be thoroughly washed?

For health benefits, it is a must to wash the vegetables and fruits first before making them into juice, so that you will not take in all kinds of harmful substances attached to the surface of the food.


How do I clean the grease build-up on the range hood with tableware cleaner?

1. Severe grease build-up:

  1. (1) Scrape the hardened thick grease build-up (dust) first.
  2. (2) Pump the tableware cleaner onto a damp cleaning cloth.
  3. (3) Apply the cleaner to the greasy spots.
  4. (4) Leave the cleaner on the greasy spots for 10 minutes.
  5. (5) Wipe the greasy spots with the damp cleaning cloth.
  6. (6) Wipe the spots clean with another piece of damp cloth to make the surface clean and shiny.

2. Moderate grease build-up:

  1. (1) Pump the tableware cleaner onto a damp cleaning cloth.
  2. (2) Apply the cleaner to the greasy spots.
  3. (3) Leave the cleaner on the greasy spots for 10 minutes.
  4. (4) Wipe the greasy spots with the damp cleaning cloth.
  5. (5) Wipe the spots clean with another piece of damp cloth to make the surface clean and shiny.

3. Mild grease build-up:

  1. (1) Directly spray on the greasy spots with the cleaner.
  2. (2) Wipe the spots clean with a piece of paper towel or dry cloth to make the surface clean and shiny.

Can the tableware cleaner be used in a dishwasher?

Yes. You only need about half of the other general cleaners to achieve the cleaning and brightening results.


It feels as if I need to use a lot of tableware cleaner to make foams to wash dishes?

All Reines Energy products contain no carcinogenic foaming agents, so they do not make much bubbles. You do not need to use much, as the excessive application of cleaner can make things feel slippery as if they are not clean enough.

Before cleaning:

① Dispose of residues and flush the utensils.

② Wet the cleaning cloth. Pump one serving of tableware cleaner on the wet cloth and the amount is sufficient to wash more than 10 bowls and plates.

③ As it does not contain strong acids or alkalis like the other commercially available chemicals, which can have an immediate emulsification, it is recommended to use the product with warm water ranging from 40°C to 45°C for better results. You can do housework easily without worrying about the residue issues and you can enjoy the clear and bright natural cleaning results.


Is the tableware cleaner safe for washing baby bowls and spoons? Will there be residues?

All Reines Energy products are natural, safe and non-toxic and have been tested for acute toxicity through the mouth and skin. They are proven to be non-toxic and can be used with peace of mind. They work well for washing all kinds of pots and pans, slower cookers and refrigerator, and you do not have to worry about the residue issues.


Can the tableware cleaner be used to wash water dispenser? If it can, how would I do that?

Yes. Pump the cleaner onto a piece of clean cloth. Rub the dispenser carefully with the clean cloth and rinse it with clean water. If the dispenser is dirtier than usual or contains scale deposits, pump 3 to 4 servings of cleaner into warm water, stir the water well and soak the dispenser in the water for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing it clean.


Would it be harmful to the body if there are residues from the tableware cleaners on the bowls and plates?

Reines Energy products contain natural minerals and have been tested for acute toxicity through the mouth and skin. They have been proven to be non-toxic and are not harmful to the body even if consumed by accident.


How do I clean scorched or burnt pots with the tableware cleaner?

The scorched or burnt pots need to be filled with hot water with a temperature higher than 50°C. Pump 4 to 5 servings of tableware cleaner into the water and stir them thoroughly. Let the pots sit for about an hour before rinsing them clean.


What are the problems with the other commercially available chemical cleaners?

(1) They contain petrochemical compounds (plasticized particles).

(2) Pour cleaning power. Cannot thoroughly clean. They even require fluorescent brightening agent and bleach to make up their performance.

(3) Clothes will have odor if soaked for a day and appear sticky after being soaked for more than two or three days. This promotes the proliferation of bacteria.

(4) Require a lot of water (about 300 liters) and electricity. Every time you wash clothes, you discharge about 300 liters of toxic wastewater into the nature.


What are the characteristics of Reines Energy laundry detergents?

(1) They do not contain any petrochemicals (plasticizers).

(2) Quick cleaning and whitening. They can clean by just soaking clothes.

(3) Energy conservation and carbon reduction. They can save about 2/3 of the water and electricity consumption.

(4) Clothes do not smell after being soaked for a long time. They do not breed bacteria. They do not damage the fabric fibers and metals.

(5) The discharged wastewater does not pollute the environment and can continue to purify the polluted river and soil to revitalize the Earth and leave a healthy living environment for future generations.


Can wool fabric be washed with Reines Energy detergent?

Wool fabric can be washed with Reines Energy detergent. However, it should be washed by hand in cold water, not hot water.


Why soaking clothes in Reines Energy for a long time does not create a bad smell? Why don't the washed clothes have a musty smell on rainy days?

Reines Energy products provide conditions that offer rich oxygen and natural alkaline minerals. The molds and bacteria that rely on the anoxic and acidic environmental conditions naturally cannot survive and reproduce, so there will not be odors or musty smells.


Can yellowed white clothes be restored?

Soak white clothes in hot water, add Reines Energy into the water and wait for 2 to 3 hours for a thorough cleaning. For clothes that are heavily soiled and have mildew, soak and wash them a few times more for better results.


Why do white clothes that have been put away for a season turn yellow? And have mildew stains?

The petrochemical cleaners, softeners or soap can remain in fiber crevices, which cannot be thoroughly cleaned. The residues grow mildew and become spoiled and deteriorate after oxidization after the storage for a long time. The clothes eventually turn yellow, and the effect is especially apparent on white clothes. Residues from all chemical cleaners can easily breed molds with moisture, naturally growing greenish and black mold spots.


Are there any precautions for the use of Reines Energy detergent powder?

The label on the back of the products has marked the recommended amount. For 60 liters of water, add 50 grams of detergent powder. Adjust the amount based on the capacity of your washing machine and how soiled the clothes are. It is recommended that you stir the powder in the water first and soak the clothes in the water for at least half an hour for better results.


Will I need to wash them several times just like what I do with other detergents to avoid residues?

Reines Energy products do not contain toxic synthetic compounds. You can use them with peace of mind and will not have to worry about the residue issue. With Reines Energy detergents, you can re-configure your washing machine to just one regular wash and one rinse for excellent results. You will not have to worry about the transdermal toxicity risks associated with the residues of chemical cleaners and brought by being in contact with the skin.


How do I wash towels and cleaning rags?

Collect all towels and cleaning rags once a week and soak them in hot water separately. Put 20 gram of detergent powder in each of the containers for the towels and cleaning rags and leave them overnight. The powder works extremely well in breaking down greasy dirt. You can increase the amount if you need to break down a lot of greasy dirt. Under normal conditions, each towel and cleaning rag can last for more than 2 years and is always kept clean and fluffy.


Will the fibers of my clothes get damaged if I soak them in the water for a long time?

Absolutely not. The Reines Energy Laundry Series does not damage clothes fibers. Your clothes just become healthier.


Can Reines Energy detergent be used together with other commercially available detergents? (Such as bleach, softener, cold-water detergent)

You should not and it is not necessary. They contain toxic ingredients which are harmful to your health and can pollute the environment. Reines Energy products offer good cleaning performance and are safe, non-toxic and nonpolluting. Your clothes become naturally clean and fluffy after wash. Spots which get dirty easily, such as collars, bottom of socks and cuffs, should be soaked first. Apply the detergent directly on the spots and soak the fabric in water for about 1 hour before scrubbing the dirty spots again. You will not need to add other toxic and highly polluting cold-water detergents, softeners, bleach and other petrochemical products.